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Daleboot - Custom made Skiboots

MFU University - Proud Sponsor

The DaleBoot is a 100% customized solution for each and every DaleBoot customer.  As part of the fitting process we take a series of measurements, identifying the proper length, width and volume of the shell.  In addition, we perform a complete athletic assessment to determine any special needs of that customer, including complex fore/aft and lateral stance balancing within the boot.  The liner is then 100% customized to the foot and lower leg, providing excellent contact for performance and fit for comfort.  After the boot has been completed, we stance balance the athlete in the frontal plane (laterally), by using our replaceable and cantible sole units, to put the ski in a neutral (flat) position on the snow.  The result is a boot that's been built from the skier's foot outwards to the shell, providing the optimal combination of performance and comfort.

In addition, our DaleBoot Fit Centers in both Salt Lake City (Utah, USA) and Kitzbühel (Austria), along with the expanding team of DaleBoot Authorized Fit Centers across North America and Europe provide the following services:

  • Custom Ski Boot Fitting and Adjustments
  • After market, Heat Moldable Liners for other Ski and Snowboard boot manufacturers
  • Specialized shell punches and alterations for bunions, bone spurs, ankle bones, or other foot or lower leg anomalies
  • Custom Shell Stretching capabilities (in both width and length) to accommodate all foot shapes & volumes
  • Custom Insoles
  • Custom Fabrication And Design (DaleBoot locations only)
  • Online Custom Ski Boot Orders (North America Only)